GEM Hazard Model Documentation

Welcome to the documentation for the GEM Global Seismic Hazard Mosaic! The mosaic is a collection of 30 national and regional seismic hazard models covering the entire globe. It consists of hazard models developed by various institutions, within collaborative projects, and by the GEM Foundation – all described in a consistent format compatible with the OpenQuake engine. Here you can find a description of every model in the mosaic, a description of the methods used for constructing the hazard models developed by GEM, and information about the release of models and hazard results.



Results and Dissemination

The GEM Global Seismic Hazard Map, v. 2018.1

GEM Global Seismic Hazard Map

This map shows PGA with a 10% probability of being in exceeded in 50 years on reference soil conditions (Vs30=760-800m/s). Download HERE!

Please click here to see the complete list of contributors and publications for each model.